Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oh where oh where has Angelica been?!?!?

I know I know, I should be blogging every day! But life got a little bit busier before Halloween. We had some re-arranging to do on Team Eeat. As alot of you know I a member of this awesome group of foodies.

I became and admin on the Team, so we have been busy recuruting new members, doing some clean up etc! You would be amazed at all the hard work that goes into managing a team on Etsy! Lucky for me the two other Admins Vanessa and Denise rock! We have been busy little bees implementing new ideas etc!

So sorry to abandon you all! LOL I have been blogging on the team blog as of late! I will try to spread my time more evenly in the future! Hmmmm its time to get a winter look going for my blog I think!

I am off to update the look!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finshed my Album!

Well I finished my album in enough time for my show! To bad the show was such a bust! Oh well it was a learning experience! I have to post all the photo's here as I can post them all in my Etsy listing which sucks!

This was really fun to make and I think it came together well! I hope you all like it also!

This what the cover looks like, which to me was the most time consuming but it came out cute! It is made from a pink cloth that has been hand stitched around the edges with a silver thread. Then I stamped the cute little girl outfit on two layers of card stock and hand water colored it. I cut out the words on my cricut. I think it looks pretty good!

The album is made from white paper bags, which I think works well. Using the paper bags gives you the opportunity to store other pictures or mementos in some of the pages! Above is what the first page of the album looks like. It has an embossed swirl background and it has been accent with lots of girly embellishments!

The album is a little bigger than other paper bag albums that I have seen, this one measures 6x6" and generally the area for you to place your photos or journaling are 4.5"

The album focuses on a year in the life of your little girl. I did pages reflecting the major events and holidays in a year! The above pages are for that special Birthday!

The above page is for Bunny day with it's bright fun colors and all of springs little friends!

Above pages reflect my favorite Holiday of the year!! I love Halloween, lol maybe because I missed being born on that day by hours! Plus I love the idea that you can be anything that you want to be on that day!

What year wouldn't be complete with out some cheery Christmas pages!?!? I didn't totally stay with the traditional I find the traditional colors get boring after awhile! Plus I loved the ornament paper I have!

The last page of the album is to honor daddy's little girl! Love all the pastel colors on this page! Hheheh I would love to keep this one, but no little girls here!! All boys and no plans for any more!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's time for another VIRTUAL BAKE SALE with Team Eeat!

Yes its that time again!! Time to tempt and tantalize your mouth with the tasty treats from Team Eeat!! You get to sit down and chat with the girls of Team Eeat and find out a little more about them and their shop (ok ok there maybe a guy or two on the team)!
You can find a large variety of yummy food at the bake sale from Enchilada's to pet treats! We don't leave any family members out!!
If you never been to one of our bake sales your have missed out!! There will be games and prizes, awesome chat and best of all some YUMMMMMMY FOOD!!
When: October 14th
Time: 7pm to 10pm est
Where: Etsy Virtual Labs
I hope to see you all there! If you want to what Team Eeat is all about prior to the bake sale, come drop by our blog!! Make sure u put your bib on and cover your keyboard with some plastic!

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's A Girl, paper bag Album

So my current project for the show I am doing is a paper bag album. It's been fun! I still have a couple of pages to do, LOL....I find myself adding more and more.

Here is what she looks like so far!

This is the cover of the album, the background is a cute pink fabric. Its accented with a cute little girls outfit stamp.

This is the first page, it has a space for a photo and some room for journaling. Its been accented with ribbon, paper flowers, and some stickles.

This is the third page, it has a space for a photo, and has a cute little elephant with a sweet pink bow.

These next two pages are my fav so far. LOL maybe cuz of all the purple....which is after all my favorite color! These pages are the birthday pages. The back ground of the page has been embossed with different versions of Happy Birthday. There are spaces for two photos and the pages have been embellished with some cute birthday kitties!

Well this is all I have so far. I hope to finish it this weekend. The show is fast approaching! The remaining pages are going to have Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

I hope you enjoy a little peek in to my shop!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Painting...I still got the knack

Well I guess drawing and painting is like a bicycle, you just never forget. I was at M's the other day browsing for paper and stamps for my card shop. Some how I wandered down the aisle with all of the canvases. I tend to "wander" a lot in that store..hehehehe

I thought to myself...hmmmmmmm wonder if I can still paint. I painted a lot when I was younger, I just haven't done it in about 8 years or so. LOL I forgot how much I enjoyed doing it. Not to mention the jaw dropping of my 12 year old. He was completely amazed that I could paint a scene from Beauty and the Beast. LOL mom actually made him go WOW...which we all know is hard to do when the have reached the pre-teen stage of life!

Hmmm now what should I paint next...I have one more 12 x 12 canvas..hehehehehe

Friday, August 28, 2009

FFF is Next Friday!!

Team Eeat is ramping up again for the winter season!! It is finally cooling off, so several of my fellow team mates will be reopening their shops!

What does that mean?? Some yuuuuuuuuuuuuummmy treats will be ready for the pickin and deliverin straight to your door!!

If you haven't been to an FFF (Friday Food Fest) you should come check it out! There are games, prizes, good food and some fun chatting!!

When: Friday, September 4th

Time: 8pm Est

Where: Etsy Chat

Hope to see you there!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Packaging for a Great idea!

So I was contacted to make some packaging for Doodle and Goo! You can find Doodle and Goo on Etsy or directly on their website. Jodi makes very cute kids clothing! Awesome fabric choices and designs.
She also has a great idea for a reward system for your little girls that are being potty trained. Instead of your regular ole stickers, stamps etc, Jodi has created a Charm bracelet. Your child gets the charm bracelet, and each time she goes in the potty she gets a new charm! The bracelet comes with 30 charms!! I think its a great idea! She also has designed a charm bracelet for the Tooth fairy! Same concept, each time your child looses a tooth she gets a charm, instead of boring old money!
I have seen the bracelets and the charms they are really cute! I have done the packaging, here are some photos!

If you get a chance go take a trip to Doodle and Goo!



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting Ready for a Show!!

Woohoooo I am going to be in my first local show!! I am neeerrrrvous! I am going to be part of the Secret Addiction Boutique! Part of the proceeds benefit the Cardon Children's Medical Center. So for all of you AZ peeps that happen to read my blog, I expect to see you there!

Now how much stuff to make, and I have to have it all done by October, as the event is the 2nd of October, from 3 to 10 pm!! So I am all a flutter....LOL...I don't know how much stuff to bring, what to make etc. Angelica needs to take a deep breath! So I have been busy, since I signed up, here is a sample of some of the cards I have made!

I love Thank You's Pink


Thanks for reading! I hope u guys like my new additions and if you get a chance come out to the show!!



Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yesterdays Cards

So I have been going through alchemy on Etsy to see what peeps are looking for, so that I can get more ideas for my shop! I came up with these cute little mini note cards that can be used to let peeps know that you moved or to go with your orders for those of u that have a Paris themed shop!

R.I.P Gave Stone Tags

I also added some cute Halloween tags! Heather and I can't seem to stop with the Halloween stuff!

Pink, Brown & Teal Favor Boxes

The final thing I made were some cute favor boxes in pink, brown and teal! They are really cute and can be made in any color. This example has a window, I personally like them with out the window.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's begining to look a lot like....

Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving.....yes already!! Peeps on Etsy are starting to gear up for the 2009 Holiday season per several post in the fourums!! Lots of peeps are already starting to look for those specials gifts for the loved ones in their life!!

Personally I am always behind the eight ball, I don't Christmas shop until December. My family is snoopy! They would try and find all of their presents!!

So I have been adding some items for all of the up coming Holidays in my shop and have also kept my eyes out for other Holiday Cheer!

Here are some of the goodies:

Trick or Treat Bag

This adorable bag would be the perfect party favors for your ghoulish gathering! It can be given away as favors filled with yummy treats or it can also be used as a unique place card! I really had fun making this bag, I loved the card stock and the bats! Halloween is my fave holiday!!

Dark Green Snow Woman

This snow woman is just so cute!! She is a perfect decoration for your table top or mantel!! She will definitely bring the Christmas cheer to your house!!

You can find much more in my shop! I am trying to add new things daily. So what have you found that you absolutely love? Or what have you made for the upcoming season?? I would love to see!!

Well keep on truck-n we will be hearing sleigh bells before we know it!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Artful Entertaining Gift Guide

I am soo happy I made it into the Artful Entertaining Gift Guide on Etsy!!! There are tons of cute things in the gift guide! My Cilantro Pesto is what made it into the gift guide!!

Come check out what else is in the Gift Guide, maybe some of your things are in it!! Its the perfect place for early Christmas shopping!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The creepy and the kooky......

Hahha my favorite Holiday will be upon us soon.....ok its 2 months away....but considering how time flies now a days it will be Halloween before you know it. Its my favorite Holiday because on that day you can be anything you want to be! I was almost born on Halloween..heheheh missed it by that much.......instead I came into the world on The Day of the Dead....aka Nov. 1!!

So since my fave holiday is only two months away you will be seeing some creepy and Kooky things in my shop!

Here is a sample of what I listed today!! There will be some cute little Halloween boxes to come! I am working on those today!

A Crawling

So check back for some more creepy.....and ok cute Halloween things!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


There are rumors running ram pet through Etsy right now about Uleen aka Chromasmear. The rumors are true, Uleen passed away yesterday in a rafting accident.

My heart goes out to her family and her husband. She was a very funny lady with an awesome sense of humor and a talented individual. She will be missed by all of the people who's lives she has touched...........

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Food Genes

Well apparently the food gene is like any other gene, it runs through my family! My little sister Stephanie has quite a talent for cake decorating! My dad emailed me photos of her talent at work! She did an anniversary cake for a co worker and it came out awesome!!

Heheheh she is in FL far far away from me here in AZ....hmmmmm maybe we will have to start a little something something together! I can do all the main dishes and she can handle dessert. I think she needs to switch up and go to pastry school. LOL.....shhhh don't tell my dad that....he probably won't be to thrilled with that idea. However I am the big sister and I can say what I want. Which in this case is follow your heart and do what u love!

Aren't those rosettes awesome!! I am very impressed!! Which is what this blog post is all about! Way to go little sis!!



Monday, July 13, 2009

This and That

Well there are some interesting happenings going on this month, so I thought I would pass on the info to my peeps!

For those of you looking for a great way to promote your shop and also to give a helping hand to a Charity then you need to take a look at Chromasmears Blog. If you look on the right hand side of her blog you will see all of the shops that are already participating. So spread the love and get your shop viewed!! If you would like to get to know Chromasmear you can read all about her on a previous Blog Post.

Ok so this next item is a little self serving, but I am excited about it so I have to tell someone who will get it! LOL, I told my BF and I basically got the nod....u all know the nod ...the one that says I really don't care.....but I am acting like I do.....yeah that one!

So I was contacted by James, from Blockhead Radio who does a show called Chocolate Cover Bacon ( yes I said chocolate covered bacon...its real...I saw it on Food Network on one of Bobby Flays shows). Chocolate Covered Bacon is about all things food, James shares with you the best finds in artisan foods. I am proud to say that my shop A Thyme To Bee comforted will be featured on James show this Thursday, July 16th at 6pm Est (for those of you on the West cost like me that is 3pm). I hope to see you guys there! If you ever wanted to ask me a question about myself or my shop now is the time! I will be in Blockheads chat as the show airs to answer any burning questions that you all may have!

Well I hope to see you all at the show, and go donate something to Chroma's box for Charity you will be helping out some darling animals!

Be Safe, and Be Happy!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Team Eeat Christmas N July

Team Eeat is doing an AWESOME giveaway in coordination with Etsy's Christmas in July!! If you have a favorite Team Eeat shop, I suggest you take a hop, skip and a jump to our blog for details!!

Bring the spirit of the Holiday to your home early...hehehehhe REALLY early! Hey but it is NEVER to soon for some tastey treats!

Enjoy and have a blast!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chromasmear Your One Stop Shop for Promotional items!!

For those of you that frequent chat on Etsy you may have seen that smiling face that is Chromasmears avatar. Which really does reflect her personality very well! Behind that smiling face is a pretty awesome shop! She is a very talented graphic designer, but what I like most is she can handle all my needs in one stop shopping. By this I mean that she can design my labels, business cards etc and also print them out for me!! What a time saver and a headache reducer!! Before I was going to two different shops, and one could do anything with out the other! It was all very time consuming!

So if you need magnets, business cards, banners etc I suggest you give Chroma's shop a peep! You will like what you see and she is AWESOME to work with!

For all of you curious cats I did a little recon on Chromie!

Tell us a little about yourself.

When I'm not working in Etsy orders or chatting with my friends on the puter I'm working graveyards as a support worker with adults who have extra needs.Sometimes I don't sleep much because of my double life, some people think I don't sleep at all, they aren't far from wrong, I hear the word Vampire a lot.

How did you get started on Etsy?

Originally I had a different store 2 years ago, but I was not a great start. I sold jewellery and I found out quickly not only was I not very good at making it, I didn't enjoy it that much either. I turned that store over to my mom and opened this store for my artwork.Chromasmear developed from paintings to what you see now. A friend helped me come up with the name, and I think the word Chroma ( color ) suits me well. I love color to use it heavily in anything I create to give impact, more so then just the images or patterns that you might see.

What advice would you give new peeps trying to venture into opening a online store?

Don't assume just because you make a wonderful project it will sell out over night. It takes time to get noticed and time for the sales to start rolling in too.Do not rely on Etsy traffic to bring in the sales. Get out there with your product and sell to other places. Buy ad spaces off Etsy, and do not forget about local opportunities to advertise too. Get creative with your advertising too. Business cards are good, but people tend to throw those away. Use items that have use outside of your product so people who do not know you will keep them around. Magnets that offer information that people use for daily living is always good. Bookmarks, a mini calender, etc, might cost you a bit more up front but in the long run it could end up making a bigger difference in your sales. Opening a business is not easy, and some people have to wait a long time for things to kick off for them. I waited about a year for my sales to start happening and I still do not get a sale a day which was my goal when I first started selling here.

What are some of your favorite websites or other online stores?

Here's where every person I know holds their breath to see if they are one of the ones I mention right ? LOL OK that's not fair so I am going to say that I buy from those I really like, so if you want to see who I shop from go look at my feedback.There are others that I wish I could shop from but the shipping is too high because of where I live. Shipping to Canada can be painful.I do want to make special note that if you own a shop that donates to animal charities, I do tend to look at those shops a lot because I have a huge soft spot in my heart for animals.Aside from Etsy shops I also like surfing the web at random to discover new things. Sometimes that's how I find my inspiration for a design. I don't mean I copy something just that I see an idea I like and I adapt it to suit my style and color preferences. Sometimes a piece is made up of several ideas all blended together.

GO NOW and take a trip to Chromasmears store, you won't be dissapointed and your shop well it will look great!!!

Be Safe, Be Happy!



Sunday, April 26, 2009

My new Hooters

Ummmm what did u think I was going to show u.........yeah I know where your mind went with that title!! My new hooters are actually my new Owl Thank You Tags! Oh paper crafting is as addictive as my beads and my food.....lord I need more time in the day!!

I did these cute little tags in browns and creams! I think they would be a cute way to say thanks!! Plus didn't u know Owls are all the rage?!?!?

I also did some cute butterfly thank you cards today, its a whole set. It comes with the envelopes, the cards, and cute owl stickers to close the envelopes with....hehehe see I got tons of hooters!!

Heheh I hope u enjoyed another peek into my work!! I am going to be working on some new items for my food shop, so stay tuned!!

Be Safe, Be Happy!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Team Member Spotlight: mysweetserendipity

For those of you that follow my blog you also know that I am a member of Team Eeat. I have been elected to welcome the new members to our team, so in addition to welcoming them on the Team Eeat Blog, I thought welcoming them here would also be great exposure for my new Team mates!!
Team Eeats is continually growing!! Which is AWESOME for you followers as it means there are going to be more delectable treats for you to choose from!! Yes I know there is already a HUGE selection to choose from, but really can you have too much dessert....I think not!

I would like to welcome our newest Member Darlene of Mysweetserendipity! I know how all of you blog readers like to get the inside scoop about featured artist so I did a little interview with Darlene.

What is your favorite treat in your shop and why?
Oh any and everything chocolate!!

Tell us a little about yourself, i.e. family, favorite color, food, etc
Well I have been married to my best friend for almost 9 yrs now and we live on a small hobby farm which is both our true love. We have 3 boys "dogs" Buster, Bubba, and Barney who are the light of my life, we raise chickens for eggs, have goats horses and cats also. I love primitive antiques and you will find me most of the summer out working in the large veggie gardens we have (a true country gal in jeans and t shirts) over the last couple of years we have acquired state and county licensing to bake and also do canning for local farmers markets. LOVE my life!! I also am love to create unique altered memory books. Favorite Color BARN RED of course LOL

Who is your favorite chef (if you have one!)
Love Paula Dean and Sandra Lee

Do you sell your goodies any where else besides Etsy?
From my blog, in a couple of local stores and at markets.

Finally, what are some of your other favorite online sites or stores?
Oh I love all everything about Etsy and am proud to be a part of this great handmade site. All the gals on the team EEAT have some wonderful products and I love seeing what everyone comes up with! I like to say "live life joyfully, create something new"

Now what Darlene hasn't mentioned is that she has another Etsy shop where she creates primitives. If her sweet treats don't tantalize you then maybe her adorable primitives will. So go on get in your recliner, get comfy and take a leisurely trip through Darlene's stores! I am sure you will fall in love with something!!
Be Happy, be safe!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Additions

Well besides working on Tristens album I have been working up some new cards for the ole shop! I haven't been working as hard as I should, life seems to continueally get in the way!!

Just a Note to say....

Heheh u guys will see lots of purples, butterflies and hearts in my shop as they are all the things I love!! This card is blank inside so that I can stamp Happy Birthday, mothersday etc in the inside!!
I also love to do mini not cards, they are fun and perfect way to say Thanks to your customers when they order from your shop!!

My newest ones are my Rank You mini note cards....hehehe borrowed the line from Scooby doo...

Making cards is fun and the best part is that they can be customized to whatever my customer wants!! I hope u enjoyed a peek into my recent work! I will be back to blog about my other projects!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

New Album Pages for Tristens Zoo Album

Finally some more pages for Tristen's Zoo album. I have been a busy bee between the kids and their joining baseball. Angelica is really getting sick of all the games!!! Yes I know that is horrible to say, but I am honest! One game right after another tends to grind on my nerves, along with the fact that my oldest games usually don't end until after 9pm!

Ok now that I have ranted lets get to the goods, here are the next couple of pages!

I think it is coming along pretty cute! The sewing takes FOREVER, especially since I am not good at it! Well as they say practice makes perfect! Next are the Monkey pages!!

Hope u enjoy!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emily Wiser Jewelry

So recently I was in chat, doing what I do best blabbing with my bestest Etsy friend Heather. Low and behold what do I see on the right side of the screen in chat, but two of the most delicate and pretty silver bangles!! I love bangles but I typically can't buy them at the store because I have mini wrist, and I mean mini! The bangles will just fall off my arm.

So I wistfully click on the pretty bangles and what do you know Emily makes them custom to fit you!! After I did a jig and then a jump or two I whispered Emily about how to go about sizing my wrist. She was very helpful!! So low and behold I purchased the bangles, and they got her SUPER quick...hehehe I know cuz I was watching my mail box with anticipation!! I am not very good at waiting for things!!

All I can say is that they fit PERFECT and they are crafted expertly! They are very delicate and beautiful. Emily really does have a knack for making these bangles and other awesome jewelry in her shop!! I loved them soooo much that I decided to feature Emily on my blog, that way all of you can get a chance to see her supremely beautiful work and maybe take a trip to her Etsy shop and get yourself a pair of bangles!! I did a short interview with Emily that way we can get the scoop on her!

Tell us a little about yourself, i.e hobbies, family etc :
I like to make jewelry! Also, I was on TV last Monday. I missed it, but a friend had a copy to share with me. It's on YouTube at

What is your inspiration for your jewelry?
Peace, beauty, and meditation. I like the harmony of shapes and colors, and I like working with jewels. There's nothing better than feeling a dozen strands of pearls slide through your fingers!

How long have you been making your jewelry?
I've been making jewelry about 16 years. My mother-in-law is an artist and she taught me how to bead. Later, I taught myself silversmithing, and I've recently taken silversmithing classes at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago.

Are you on any other venues besides Etsy? Online or even off line?
I'm on 1000 markets at online at and I'm at the Orchard Gallery in Ft. Wayne Indiana and at the Illinois State Museum Society gallery in Round Lake, IL. And at my own website at

What are some of your other favorite online shops and why?
Etsy is my favorite shop! You can get anything on Etsy. I also like shopping at 1000 Markets, and of course Amazon, Old Navy and the Gap. LOL

Emily sounds like a girl after my own heart, hehehe she loves to shop and she loves Etsy! So do yourself a favor and go and buy yourself some Bling in Emily's shop. You won't be disappointed!

As always be Happy and be Safe!!