Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Food Genes

Well apparently the food gene is like any other gene, it runs through my family! My little sister Stephanie has quite a talent for cake decorating! My dad emailed me photos of her talent at work! She did an anniversary cake for a co worker and it came out awesome!!

Heheheh she is in FL far far away from me here in AZ....hmmmmm maybe we will have to start a little something something together! I can do all the main dishes and she can handle dessert. I think she needs to switch up and go to pastry school. LOL.....shhhh don't tell my dad that....he probably won't be to thrilled with that idea. However I am the big sister and I can say what I want. Which in this case is follow your heart and do what u love!

Aren't those rosettes awesome!! I am very impressed!! Which is what this blog post is all about! Way to go little sis!!