Thursday, October 30, 2008

JustBakin another Delish Member of Team Eeat

I like to introduce you all to JustBakin, and man can the girl bake!!! She is another one of my team mates on Team Eeat!! Besides having a great personality this girl can throw down when it comes to baked goodies!! I ordered the Cherry I call them, they are actually called Sweet Cherry Bomb Bliss Bites.

Bliss does not even begin to describes these little square jewels. When they arrive at your door they are in the regular old post office box, but once you crack the seal on the outer box you are surprised with some really beautiful packaging! It was like opening a Christmas present from the lovely white bakers box to the color coordinated ribbon!!

Lets get to the good stuff..... each little Bliss bar was wrapped in its own cellophane bag and tied with a coordinating bow and they were nestled in cute little fluted paper cups! I will be honest I didn't think of the wonderful packaging until later.........hehhehe I was just trying to rip through the cellophane to get to the goods.........and damn it my teeth don't work as good as they use too....I had to bust out the scissors as I had no patience to untie the cute ribbon!

My mouth was watering in anticipation.........let me just tell you it was NOT disappointed. When you bite into one of these little Bomber Blisses you immediately taste the buttery and flaky crust. Then you mouth is assaulted with the sweet juiciness from the maraschino cherries. The combination of the flaky crust and cherries are an explosion of a happy marriage in your mouth. My mouth is watering as I am typing this...........gee I wish I still had some...........hmmm the FFF is coming up again!!

Now being the sweet girl that Justbakin is she through in some extra goodies for me to taste (hmmmm I actually think it is an evil plan of hers). They were also as delectable as the Cherry Bliss Bombers (hehehe). She sent me:

Pecan Pie Bars

If you love Pecan Pie and chocolate, ummm I suggest you go to her shop immediately and buy these..........I am IN LOVE with them. I love pecan pie, but these bars were even better than the old fashion pie! Once again the girl has a knack for crust, flaky buttery and light! They are like having a whole pie in a little bar! The combination of nuts and chocolate make it a divine treat!! Angelica did NOT share any of these with her family!!! Shhhhh don't tell them, they will be mad at me!!

The dear also sent me some of her Cherry Undercover Darkness

If you like chocolate covered cherries well these are about a million times better!! So once again go straight to her shop and order them!!!! The cookie is so moist, the chocolate is deep and rich and then you get a little explosion in your mouth as you bite into the cherry and the sweet juices roll onto your tongue..........mmmmmmmmmmm my mouth is drooling again......damn I am out of these too!

Don't let me fool you, the box of goodies didn't even last a full 2 day at the house. It was worse than having your favorite ice cream in the freezer! I found myself thinking about the box fact we went to a friends BBQ and I found myself wishing that I had brought the box with me......hehehehe....but that would of meant I had to share...hmmmm glad I didn't bring it with me!

Do yourself a favor this holiday season, give the gift of Time!! Give the girls at Team Eeat the chance to fill your house with some yummy treats and give you the time to spend with your family instead of being a slave to the oven!!

Check out the blog on Monday, as it will be about the FFF............. do you know what the FFF is?? Come find out on Monday!!!

Just incase you want to order from Justbakin !!!

With Love!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Vanilla Bean Bake Shop, another Yummy Member of Team Eat!!

Well for those of you that are following the blog, I have been featuring members of my team on Etsy! For those of you that are new to my blog I have a shop on Etsy called A Thyme to Bee Comforted ( ). When I opened this shop I became a member of a great team, Team Eeat. Team Eeat features very talented edible artist everything from wedding cakes to Carmel apples!!

Well I have had the pleasure of ordering the treats from these yummy artist's, and my Featured artist today is Vanilla Bean Bake shop (!!! From this lovely lady I ordered her Organic Double Chocolate Pecan Brownies. They are organic but best off all they are TASTY!! They were moist, the perfect brownie consistency. They were not too sweet, and they had a little crunch from the pecans. They made your mouth sing!!!! Let me tell you, you need to order some...10 seconds in the microwave and you will think that you have arrived in heaven!!!

VB has some other GREAT things in her shop that I am dying to order (however, my booty is not to happy with all the treats I have been's mad cuz it's been growing!!). You need to do yourself a favor and check out the following..............shhhh I won't tell............the holidays are almost here anyway......just make it your New Years resolution to go on a diet.......hehehehe...

Organic Pumpkin Bars with Dark Chocolate Chips:

Organic Lemon Pound Cake with Citrus Lemon Glaze:

If you haven't become of buyer on Etsy yet, you need to go to your browser now and go to and sign up! It's free to join and you will have access to the most unique Christmas presents, wow and amaze your family with some Tasty treats or a handmade creation!!
Come back and check out the Blog, later in the week I will be featuring Justbakin........u need to find out about the Cherry Bombers, as I call them that I ordered!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

DelectableDelights : Yummmy Member of Team Eeat

Good Morning all!!!I have started to partake in all of the yummy treats from my team members in Team Eeat!! My first order was with Delectable Delights or DD as I like to call her in chat!! I ordered the:Chocolate Covered Cherry Sundae Cupcake (TM)Boston Cream Sundae Cupcake (TM)

Let me say, if you have not ordered from DD, you are missing out on the moistest cup cakes you have ever had!!! They were more than yummy!! When they arrived, I had to fight my son off as he was hovering, waiting for me to open the package. Once he found out that they were cup cakes and that they had chocolate on them..............well I couldn't get rid of him!!! I was forced to share........which I was not happy about.......I knew I should of locked myself in the bathroom!!!
My favorite was the Cherry one, it had big chunks of maraschino cherries in it, and the rich chocolate topping was to die for!! So I say to you all ORDER FROM DD, she has some GREAT stuff.....I know I will be getting more..........hmmmm now I just have to figure out how to hide them.........

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Novembers Give Away!! FREE FOOD!!

To kick off my new blog I am going to be giving away a Free Meal for one!!! You can choose between my Carne De Puerco or my Enchilada's!!! They will come with the main dish and a side of my YUMMMY rice!!! They are all packaged up and delivered to your door!! To view a full description of each visit my Etsy store at

What do you have to do? Just join my mailing list and post a comment about what comforts you most in my shop!!! The more comments I see from you, the better chances of winning you have!!! Contest will run from October 21 until Midnight Friday, November 21st . Winner will be chosen on Saturday, November 22!!!

**** Participants must be in the US due to type of prize*************

Also Proud Participante of the Bloggy GiveAways Carnival!!!

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

Monday, October 20, 2008

Double Dipped Sweets

Well I have be partaking in my teams delicious items again.....hmmm I wonder if they are going to chip in for the weight loss plan I am going to have to get on...or maybe for my gym membership......

Well it has been a BUSY month for "partaking"..... my first indulgence was Double Dipped Sweets Sea Salted Caramel Apple.

This apple was delicious, it was the perfect balance of sweet, salty and tart. Her apples are HUGE...I think she may have some magic dust that she sprinkles on them to enlarge them...I know I have not seen apples that big here in AZ!! The apple was big enough for me to share (not willingly) with both of my kids. When you bite into the slice of apple you get the immediate crunch from the fresh crisp apple, then you taste the sweet Carmel and then your taste buds are assaulted by the salty goodness of the sea salt. The Carmel is also a perfect consistency, not to won't glue your teeth together like some other apples!!

Well I also got some little presents in that package from DDS (as I call her in chat) she sent me a sample of her Ginger bread popcorn.

All I can say is that popcorn puts the kettle corn that you get at the fair to shame!! It was scrumptious!!! Crunchy and sweet and like taking a big bite of a gingerbread man!!

The other little gift I got was her Coconut Haystack Bark, omg it was soooooooooooooo good!! Just the right balance between chocolaty goodness and coconut. Your tongue is coated by the delicious chocolate and then there is a slight chewy crunch from the coconut.

Let's just say I had to fight off the kids from each one of my "gifts". Hmmm I think I should of locked myself in the bedroom, I will have to do that next time I buy from DDS!!

Give your family a treat from DDS you won't be disappointed!! I also suggest the following apples also......heheheh I told you it was a busy month of "partaking"!!!

Apple Pie Caramel Apple and Fall Delight Caramel Apple

timothy adam designs: Some metal for the ladies

timothy adam designs: Some metal for the ladies

Sunday, October 19, 2008

What comforts me today? Team Eeat!!!

Today I am grateful for my Etsy Team!!! I am a proud member of Team Eeat on They are a great group of peeps with a creative flair that leans towards satisfying every craving that your tummy and taste buds could possibly imagine. You can find wedding cakes to carmels, cup cakes to carmel apples. Not only are their products great, but they are truly great friends to have!! They have been a very important part of my sucess with A Thyme To Bee Comforted!! They are supportive and are constantly offering suggestons, ideas etc.

More importanly we have fun together in all of our team events, from our Virtual Bake Sale to the FFF (Friday Food Fest); these events are hosted in either the Etsy Labs or the Etsy Chat rooms. It has been a great way to promote all of our shops and to have a really great time!!!!

So here is a BIG THANKS to Team Eeat and their ability to offer me comfort in all of my new ventures and ideas!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Comforts you???

I finally decided to start a blog, hehehe know you all have to suffer with my UN-edited thoughts. So the point of this blog site....well one to promote my businesses, but the other is to find out what comforts you??Financially, politically, socially, religiously, times are ruff right now. There is nothing but doom and gloom through out the net, on the news, in chat rooms, in blogs......what do you do in your own world to keep the bad out??? What makes you feel safe, happy, comforted?? Is it your family and friends or a favorite pair of shoes? A warm bowl of soup eatin in bed while the rain pours down and your favorite book??

For me well its my friends...the talents that the big guy decided to give me. I find peace and comfort when I am cooking for my family and friends. It brings a smile to my face when I see everyone enjoying themselves and knowing that I had a part in creating that smile.I am a creative person buy nature, I have always been drawn to arts and crafts. I love to be able to express myself through my it writing, painting, cooking, or jewelry making it is a way to express my moods, my feelings and my passions. I remember writing a book when I was maybe in elementary school, it was about a wolf.......I think I have it around here some where still.

When I was young I wanted to be a writer, hence the book......well Angelica has learned that her grammer and her spelling SUCK!! Thank the big guy for spell check!! While that dream may have faded into the background as those of childhood tend to, I have a new dream. That dream is to open a little cafe that is owned and operated by little ole me!I am on my way now to try and accomplish my dream, it has been hard so far, but stubborn is what I am buy nature and I firmly believe that hard work and perseverance will pay off. So this blog, well its also to help me on my way to my dream, in this fast paced world you need every bit of exposure that you can get to compete with those around join me on my journey and let us learn something about one another and what in life offers us security comforted and all around happiness!!