Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Comforts you???

I finally decided to start a blog, hehehe know you all have to suffer with my UN-edited thoughts. So the point of this blog site....well one to promote my businesses, but the other is to find out what comforts you??Financially, politically, socially, religiously, times are ruff right now. There is nothing but doom and gloom through out the net, on the news, in chat rooms, in blogs......what do you do in your own world to keep the bad out??? What makes you feel safe, happy, comforted?? Is it your family and friends or a favorite pair of shoes? A warm bowl of soup eatin in bed while the rain pours down and your favorite book??

For me well its my friends...the talents that the big guy decided to give me. I find peace and comfort when I am cooking for my family and friends. It brings a smile to my face when I see everyone enjoying themselves and knowing that I had a part in creating that smile.I am a creative person buy nature, I have always been drawn to arts and crafts. I love to be able to express myself through my it writing, painting, cooking, or jewelry making it is a way to express my moods, my feelings and my passions. I remember writing a book when I was maybe in elementary school, it was about a wolf.......I think I have it around here some where still.

When I was young I wanted to be a writer, hence the book......well Angelica has learned that her grammer and her spelling SUCK!! Thank the big guy for spell check!! While that dream may have faded into the background as those of childhood tend to, I have a new dream. That dream is to open a little cafe that is owned and operated by little ole me!I am on my way now to try and accomplish my dream, it has been hard so far, but stubborn is what I am buy nature and I firmly believe that hard work and perseverance will pay off. So this blog, well its also to help me on my way to my dream, in this fast paced world you need every bit of exposure that you can get to compete with those around join me on my journey and let us learn something about one another and what in life offers us security comforted and all around happiness!!

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