Sunday, October 19, 2008

What comforts me today? Team Eeat!!!

Today I am grateful for my Etsy Team!!! I am a proud member of Team Eeat on They are a great group of peeps with a creative flair that leans towards satisfying every craving that your tummy and taste buds could possibly imagine. You can find wedding cakes to carmels, cup cakes to carmel apples. Not only are their products great, but they are truly great friends to have!! They have been a very important part of my sucess with A Thyme To Bee Comforted!! They are supportive and are constantly offering suggestons, ideas etc.

More importanly we have fun together in all of our team events, from our Virtual Bake Sale to the FFF (Friday Food Fest); these events are hosted in either the Etsy Labs or the Etsy Chat rooms. It has been a great way to promote all of our shops and to have a really great time!!!!

So here is a BIG THANKS to Team Eeat and their ability to offer me comfort in all of my new ventures and ideas!!!

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