Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Painting...I still got the knack

Well I guess drawing and painting is like a bicycle, you just never forget. I was at M's the other day browsing for paper and stamps for my card shop. Some how I wandered down the aisle with all of the canvases. I tend to "wander" a lot in that store..hehehehe

I thought to myself...hmmmmmmm wonder if I can still paint. I painted a lot when I was younger, I just haven't done it in about 8 years or so. LOL I forgot how much I enjoyed doing it. Not to mention the jaw dropping of my 12 year old. He was completely amazed that I could paint a scene from Beauty and the Beast. LOL mom actually made him go WOW...which we all know is hard to do when the have reached the pre-teen stage of life!

Hmmm now what should I paint next...I have one more 12 x 12 canvas..hehehehehe