Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emily Wiser Jewelry

So recently I was in chat, doing what I do best blabbing with my bestest Etsy friend Heather. Low and behold what do I see on the right side of the screen in chat, but two of the most delicate and pretty silver bangles!! I love bangles but I typically can't buy them at the store because I have mini wrist, and I mean mini! The bangles will just fall off my arm.

So I wistfully click on the pretty bangles and what do you know Emily makes them custom to fit you!! After I did a jig and then a jump or two I whispered Emily about how to go about sizing my wrist. She was very helpful!! So low and behold I purchased the bangles, and they got her SUPER quick...hehehe I know cuz I was watching my mail box with anticipation!! I am not very good at waiting for things!!

All I can say is that they fit PERFECT and they are crafted expertly! They are very delicate and beautiful. Emily really does have a knack for making these bangles and other awesome jewelry in her shop!! I loved them soooo much that I decided to feature Emily on my blog, that way all of you can get a chance to see her supremely beautiful work and maybe take a trip to her Etsy shop and get yourself a pair of bangles!! I did a short interview with Emily that way we can get the scoop on her!

Tell us a little about yourself, i.e hobbies, family etc :
I like to make jewelry! Also, I was on TV last Monday. I missed it, but a friend had a copy to share with me. It's on YouTube at

What is your inspiration for your jewelry?
Peace, beauty, and meditation. I like the harmony of shapes and colors, and I like working with jewels. There's nothing better than feeling a dozen strands of pearls slide through your fingers!

How long have you been making your jewelry?
I've been making jewelry about 16 years. My mother-in-law is an artist and she taught me how to bead. Later, I taught myself silversmithing, and I've recently taken silversmithing classes at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago.

Are you on any other venues besides Etsy? Online or even off line?
I'm on 1000 markets at online at and I'm at the Orchard Gallery in Ft. Wayne Indiana and at the Illinois State Museum Society gallery in Round Lake, IL. And at my own website at

What are some of your other favorite online shops and why?
Etsy is my favorite shop! You can get anything on Etsy. I also like shopping at 1000 Markets, and of course Amazon, Old Navy and the Gap. LOL

Emily sounds like a girl after my own heart, hehehe she loves to shop and she loves Etsy! So do yourself a favor and go and buy yourself some Bling in Emily's shop. You won't be disappointed!

As always be Happy and be Safe!!



hdawnparratt said...

very nice feature, and about time you blogged girl hehehe :)

Laura Trevey said...

Love the Bangles!! Simplicity!!