Thursday, March 12, 2009

Zoo Paper Bag Album Adventure

Hiya everyone! Well as you all know my son and I just recently went to the Zoo on his first Kindergarten field trip. You guys also know that I have started an new hobby making cards etc. Well now I am combing my trip to the Zoo with my son with my new found hobby!

I am in the process of making him a paper bag album. I thought it would be appropriate his first school field trip and my first venture into paper bag albums! I am no pro, but lord forgive me I am anal! So far I have gotten the base done, and the front cover. I started this yesterday and that is all I have done! Angelica typically doesn't sew and now she remembers why, it hurts her little alien prong fingers!!

Here is what the base looked like before I did the cover, this is the outside of the album.

Here is what the inside of the base looks like, which will be the inside cover and back inside cover of the album:

Now here is what the cover looks like:

hehehehh I may be a bit biast but I think it is adorable so far! Yes I know I am missing a center eyelet on the spine, well that is because I went the cheap way and bought the small version of the cropa a dile when I should of just spent the money on the bigger one. My little one can't reach the center hole!! So now I have to buy a big one to finish the eyelet. I tried using the smaller one, well let me tell u I had to through out that first base because it set both sides together so you couldn't open the album and I wasn't very happy!!

I am off to do some of the inner pages now, well after a trip to the store to find ink for my printer. I need to print off the pics so I can decide what I want to do on each page.......I told you I was anal!

Be Safe, Be Happy

Hugs! Angelica


hdawnparratt said...

keep up the good work chickie, copy and paste this link to see your sisterhood award nonimation :)

Celina said...

Your album is adorable! Thanks for sharing!