Sunday, April 26, 2009

My new Hooters

Ummmm what did u think I was going to show u.........yeah I know where your mind went with that title!! My new hooters are actually my new Owl Thank You Tags! Oh paper crafting is as addictive as my beads and my food.....lord I need more time in the day!!

I did these cute little tags in browns and creams! I think they would be a cute way to say thanks!! Plus didn't u know Owls are all the rage?!?!?

I also did some cute butterfly thank you cards today, its a whole set. It comes with the envelopes, the cards, and cute owl stickers to close the envelopes with....hehehe see I got tons of hooters!!

Heheh I hope u enjoyed another peek into my work!! I am going to be working on some new items for my food shop, so stay tuned!!

Be Safe, Be Happy!!


hdawnparratt said...

too cute!! keep up the great work :)

Jessica Marie said...

those thank you cards are just fabulous