Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting Ready for a Show!!

Woohoooo I am going to be in my first local show!! I am neeerrrrvous! I am going to be part of the Secret Addiction Boutique! Part of the proceeds benefit the Cardon Children's Medical Center. So for all of you AZ peeps that happen to read my blog, I expect to see you there!

Now how much stuff to make, and I have to have it all done by October, as the event is the 2nd of October, from 3 to 10 pm!! So I am all a flutter....LOL...I don't know how much stuff to bring, what to make etc. Angelica needs to take a deep breath! So I have been busy, since I signed up, here is a sample of some of the cards I have made!

I love Thank You's Pink


Thanks for reading! I hope u guys like my new additions and if you get a chance come out to the show!!




Candice said...

I did a show about a year ago and made cards for it. I was making like 4 a day for 2 months!

A Thyme To Bee Comforted said...

LOL, I know I am stressed, it wasn't very much notice!! How did your show go?

hdawnparratt said...

awww you will do great i know you will :)