Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring is in the air....pass me a Rita

Well spring is in the air on my side of the world! I know those of you in the East or in the North are still in the big chill! Here in AZ though we are sunny and warm around 80 degrees!! Hehhe no "hating" please! If it makes you feel better I am recovering from the last cold of the winter season (I hope). It was a nasty one, kids really should be required to go to school or play area's in bubbles!!

So what do I like most about Spring and even summer...well besides the bright sunny days and the clear blue skies I love me a Rita aka a Margarita. There is nothing like this tart and salty drink....mmmmmm. Now a days you can get a rita in just about every flavor imaginable! I suggest the next time you are at the Cheese Cake Factory to request their Prickly Pear Rita, this is an awesome rita one of my fave's!!! It is a dark pink and has a slight sweet flavor!!

So I thought it fitting to share a recipe with you for a yummmy rita!! This one comes from one of my fave magazines Gourmet, it is for a Key Lime Margarita. A key lime are those mini little limes that you see in the grocery store, usually they are sold to you in a bag! These little gems pack a stronger lime flavor that there bigger relatives, so you will have a tart and damn tasty drink!

What you need (I suggest making a big batch, mixing drink while u have already had drinks.....not a good idea...hehehehe):

1 Key Lime that has been quartered and Kosher salt which will be used to rim the glasses (make sure it is the finer kosher salt not the big crystal one)

3/4 cups Cointreau or other orange flavored liqueur

1/2 cup reposado tequila (ok so I would suggest Patron Silver, it is my fave tequila it goes down smooth and doesn't have a harsh flavor, although I have never had reposado.....just don't do cuervo...eww.....)

1/2 cup fresh Key Lime juice (make sure u get two bags, don't want to run out of limes!)

2 tsp superfine granulated sugar (optional) they are suggesting supefine sugar because it will melt in to the drink quicker and won't get stuck at the bottom like regular sugar does when u put it in your ice tea!

Run a lime wedge around the rim of each of the 4 (6-8oz) glasses. Put salt on a small plate and dip glasses in salt to lightly coat rims.

Blend liqueur, tequila, juice and sugar in a blender until combined and serve over ice. Ok so you really don't need to bust out the blender for this, you can put all the ingredients into a shaker and do it that way! I would only bust out the blender if you are going to add ice and make them into slushy rita's!!

Well I hope you enjoy one of my favorite drinks this spring!! Nothing like laying out in the back yard with a pitcher of rita's sitting by you as you soak up the sun!!

Be safe, Be happy!!

** Hugs



LeelaBijou said...

Thanks for the recipe! It looks refreshing!

hdawnparratt said...

sure you dont' want any of my nice white cold snow eheheheh i don't mind giving you some really!!

LeelaBijou said...

I've picked you for the Honest Weblog award. If you want to play along just follow the instructions on my blog post!


libertydoll said...

I would love to have your weather right now. Just a couple weeks ago we had 12 inches of ice and snow dumped on us in a couple hours.
I always love seeing your recipes!