Monday, February 9, 2009

And the winner is............

Hahha so u thought I forgot to post who the winner was.....nope I didn't!! Heather already has it up on her blog! The winner of our little contest was mamaslittlemonkeys!! She choose to go with Heathers Cherry not cards! She also gets an 8oz Jalapeno Hummus from my shop!! We did send out an interview questions to mamaslittlemonkey, but she is sooo busy right now creating all those cute kids clothes that we decided to post with out getting her interview back. We will update our blog post on her when we hear back!!

Thanks for all of you that participating in our giveaway! Keep on the look out I will be announcing my next giveaway soon!!
Be Safe, Be Happy!

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hdawnparratt said...

congrats mamas enjoy your cards!!!