Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new Hobby....another...can u belive it?

Ok so I have been a bad blogger...sorry to all of my followers!! I have been busy with yes another new hobby of mine!! Between the kids, the food shop and the jewelry shop what am I thinking?? I guess my creativeness likes to come out in various directions!

I have found that I love working with paper!! Scrap booking, card making etc are my new love!! This new addiction of mine I have to credit my friend Heather! She has been the culprit on getting me hooked!! She does such cute cards, that I wanted to take a shot at it!! Also my BF bought me a Cricut for Christmas...heheheh which makes making things A LOT easier!! Well I have a long way to catch up to the Master (Heather, don't tell her I called her that....her head is big enough already..hehehehe) but I am finding that I enjoy doing it! When I can find the time!! It calls to me, saying come tuck yourself away in your little corner and stamp, cut, glue and fold! Here are a couple of my little creations I hope you like them!!

I will bring back the tip segment next week, I have orders in my food shop to get out and the FFF is on Friday, plus I have a sicky at home with me this week! So I am on full for things on my plate this week!!

Be Happy, Be Safe!!



LeelaBijou said...

Your new creations are so lovely and pretty!!

CT said...

Looks like fun! Enjoy! - CT

Double Dipped Sweets said...

So cute Angelica! Keep it up!

hdawnparratt said...

Are you blaming little ole me???????????????????? How dare you!!! Heeherhehheheheheh

Well it is a great hobby lol