Monday, January 5, 2009

Man's Best Friends also should enjoy Divine Treats!!

You know who they are those little guys or girls that follow you around with there big brown eyes. They love you unconditionally and you are the center of their world. Yes your pets!! They are members of your family too and they DESERVE special treats too!! Well I found a GREAT lady who makes divine treats for the smallest (or in some cases the largest) members of your family!! Here name is Jessica and she is the owner of Divine Canine.

I purchased some of Jessica's treats for my dog Bear. My Bear is a little poof of fur as he is a Pom! Let me tell you he LOVED her treats, he begs and sits with a twinkle in his eye each time I take out one of those little delectable treats!! The treats came with lab test results and were also packaged adorably! My suggestion is go for it, buy your little bud some treats from Divine Canine! He or she will only love you more!! I suggest the Carbo Dipped Peanut Butter Paws and the Bitty Bites, which are what I bought. Let me tell you I was tempted to take a bite out of the Peanut Butter Paws, and so was my son!! They smelled really tasty!!

Well I also did a little interview with Jessica, because I know you all are a curious sort! Here is the interview:

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Jessica, I am 38 years old and blind. I've only been totally blind about 8 years now. I have an awesome 7 year old boy, and a wonderful hubby. Not a picture perfect life, but getting there! I just started my own dog bakery business about 6 months ago. A bit slow going with the economy as it is...especially living in Michigan. I graduated from Western Michigan University with a grad degree in blind rehab teaching. Loosely translates to helping others who have
become blind to deal with and enjoy life, and function independently with their blindness/low vision. Oh, and I used to be a graphic design major, but sadly had to give it up once I lost my sight. Self-explanatory, right? Anyway, I love pets and have lots of them, and I love to make healthy treats and meals for my dogs, rats and sugar glider. I would cook for my snakes and lizards, but they have a very boring diet that they prefer to stick with. That's all I can think of for now! Oh, and I do lots of cooking and baking for my human family as well!

What are your dogs fave treats?
Scarlet is not picky, we call her Scarlet the scarfer. India, however, is a bit more selective with her taste buds. She loves my pumpkin treats the most. She loves them so much that once after I'd taken out the pumpkin biscotti from the oven and left the room, I heard her pop the tray off the stove top. By the time I got to her, she had eaten the whole pan in less than 5 minutes! She goes absolutely crazy for pumpkin!
Well now you know a little about Jessica and her love for her pets!! She is really an amazing lady to be able to do all that she does given her situation. You also have to give her props for her positive outlook and very friendly personality!! If you want to know more about Jessica and her treats you can also visit her on her blog:
Well go on go buy some doggie treats, you know you want to. You can get here treats in two places on the web, Etsy and Art Fire. Here are her direct links: Divine Canine on Etsy and Divine Canine on AF
Well tune in tomorrow for my Tips and Tricks segement!! Be good and be safe!!


CT said... rottie girl is in the next room. She'll eat my computer screen if she sees these wonderful treats! :)

Anonymous said...

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A Thyme To Bee Comforted said...

Sheralle glad you like my blog!! Thanks for being a reader!!