Saturday, January 24, 2009

Are you in the KNOW for January?

My oh my, I thought December was a busy month!! I have sooooo much stuff going on right now that I don't know if I am coming or going!! So are you guys on top of all the events going on in January?? Well I am going to give you a quick peek into what I think are some cool happenings!!

First and foremost is my Blog Giveaway!! It Starts on Monday, 1/26/o9 and runs through February 6th, 2009. Some beautiful cards are being given away by Heather's Handmade Creations! I am completely addicted to her store!! She has everything from gift tags to Pet Sympathy cards. Her work is superb and she is an AWESOME lady! So be ready to enter that contest!!

My blog contest brings me to the second event as they go hand in hand the Bloggie Carnival! It is hosted by Bloggy It happens once every quarter! The DL is that it is a huge carnival, the "booths" are people that are all having give aways on their blogs!! It is a HUGE event with tons of exposure and tons of GREAT giveaways!! So if you have never participated now is the time to check it out!!

The next event is Team Eeats Valentines Virtual Bake Sale!! The bake sale is on Wednesday, January 28th in the Etsy Labs! If you love food and want to know more about those people that you see in chat with all the yummy treats then the Bake Sale is for you!! Each Team Eeat member will do a little presentation about their shop and their goodies. There will also be GAMES, PRIZES and GREAT deals on all of the delectable treats!! Team Eeat is also hosting it's own blog contest.....yes FREEE to Team Eeat's Blog for complete details!! Heheh nothing like a shameless plug........... I am a part of the Bake Sale and am running an AWESOME sale in A Thyme To Bee Comforted, BOGO of equal or lesser value for half off!

Wow that is a lot of info!! Not to mention I am trying to get stuff ready for V Day as that is just around the corner!!! What do you guys have going on for V day? Email me, and I will do a what's hot for V Day Blog Post on February 1st!!

Be happy, be safe!!


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