Thursday, December 25, 2008

The DL on Art Fire

Hi all!

I just signed up with a GREAT new site to peddle my treats; Artfire!! They are running in Beta mode right now, but let me tell you so far I have been VERY impressed with their customer service and the ability to roll out fixes and new services on their site! I was having an issue and not only did I get a prompt email, but I also got a phone call!! A PHONE CALL can you believe it?!?!?!? Well I couldn't, my mouth fell open when I listened to my VM!! Oh here is my Art Fire shop, same name as my Etsy shop, A Thyme To Bee Comforted.

Art Fire has no selling fees, as in re listing, or a percentage of what you sell. You can have a "free" account or right now they are having $7.00 a month for the next 3k that sign up. Which is a flat fee and VERY reasonable. I spend at least that much in one of my Etsy accounts per month, I have two Etsy accounts and I typically spend about $15 bucks in each of my stores to re-list, list etc. That also doesn't include the % that they take from my sales. Not that I am complaining because I also love Etsy, they have been good to me! But if I can sell my products and have less $ taken from my pocket I am all for it!!

Like I said AF is still in Beta mode, so if you sign up make sure that you keep in mind that they are in Beta mode and there will be glitches!! But the AF staff is very quick to respond to issues that you post in their forums aka Chatter Box. Also the people in the community have been VERY helpful!! I think it will be a GREAT place to grow my business with!

Hheheheh if you sign up with AF because of my Blog make sure to mention me when you sign up, they have perks........we all love perks!!!

All Right I hope you all had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Alas I am addicted to my computer so I had to pop in and work on my AF store, so that I am ready to roll for the new year!!


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