Monday, November 17, 2008

A Time 2 Bee Unique

Well today's blog is going to be a little self indulgent!! For those of you that subscribe to this blog, you know about my Etsy store A Thyme To Bee Comforted, but did you know that I have another Etsy store? I do, I do it is called

A Time 2 Bee Unique is a jewelry and home decor store. Yes it has NOTHING to do with food!! I love all kinds of different crafts, jewelry making, wood burning, painting.....the list goes on an on! Hehheehe so do the withdrawals from my checking account!! At A Time 2 Bee Unique you will find mostly jewelry right now, I do have some home decor and holiday stuff. I will be adding more home decor items as time passes!
I started making jewelry when I was little around 8 I would say, with fishing wire and seed beads, my sister and I would make little flower rings and bracelets. I love to make jewelry because I know I won't be running into any of my friends and end up having the same earrings or necklace as them!! It is one of my pet peeves (hhehehe I have LOTS of pet peeves), I hate going out and finding out that I have the same shirt, shoes or accessories as my friends. Unfortunately this use to happen A LOT because in my group of friends we all had similar taste in clothes and jewelry!!

When designing my jewelry I love to use sterling silver and semi precious stones, and also lamp work beads. A couple of my necklaces have lamp work beads from Etsy lamp work artist! I love the Etsy lamp work artist, there beads are extraordinary and unique from other beads that you will find at your typical bead store! I also love vibrant colors, those that will make you smile when you wear them!

A Rainbow in a Heart

Well if you find yourself on Etsy (which you should be for the Holiday's) come and stop by A Time 2 Bee Unique, I would love to have you!! So pull up a chair and come browse for awhile! If you see something you like but you want it bigger or smaller just email me and I can adjust! I also have Holiday gift wrapping available, which is sooooooooo cute!! I had Shopbub design the packaging for me!!

Happy Shopping!!!

Angelica =o)

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